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Did You Know...

Did you know Galvotec Anodes protect the first compliant piled tower in Africa? (Benguela-Belize Lobito-Tomboco Platform)

The Benguela-Belize Lobito-Tomboco (BBLT) platform is a drilling production platform (DPP) located approximately 60 miles offshore of the Cabinda coast in the Block 14 concession. The topsides are supported by a compliant piled tower in 1,281 feet of water with a design life of twenty-five years.
  • Is the first compliant piled tower in Africa
  • Has the world�s largest single-piece piles ever installed
  • Has a production rate of 220,000 BOPD from BBLT
  • Has the largest Chevron-operated topsides with design operating weight of 43,500 short tons and an area of approximately 2.5 football fields
  • Provides living quarters for 157 people
  • Has the first fully automated drilling rig in CABGOC - integrated with topsides
  • Is the first offshore production facility in Chevron to enable produced water re-injection up to 420,000 BWPD