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Zinc Anodes

                ISO 9001 Certified
                ISO 17025 Accredited cert. #3612.01

                       Galvotec has been producing sacrificial (galvanic) Zinc Anodes since 1984.
               Quality workmanship, on time deliveries, and an experienced dedicated staff has led
               Galvotec to become Americas leading producer of sacrificial anodes.

               Zinc Anodes are typically used in salt water or marine environments, and also in certain
               soil environments where Cathodic Protection is required. Galvotec meets or exceeds
               industry standards and can manufacture any standard or custom anode type you may

               Galvotec's laboratory is accredited to the International Standard, ISO/IEC17025 in order
               to insure quality with respect to chemical composition and electrochemical performance.
               Each heat is analyzed for chemical composition prior to casting.

               Galvotec Zinc Anodes meet or exceed the latest Mil-Spec revision. The alloys are also
               covered by ASTM-418-95 Type I and Type II. Galvotec Zinc Anodes are effective and
               economical corrosion fighters in applications where temperature exposures are limited
               to 140 degrees F. (60  C.) Typical uses  for Type I are in seawater or saline mud; and
               typical applications for Type II are in soils.

               High Temperature Zinc Alloy is used for high temperature application above 120
               degrees Fahrenheit ( 50  C ) up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit ( 80  C).
               Galvotec is an approved manufacturer for the U. S. Department of Defense in addition
               to all of the major shipyards and fabricators.

               Applications may include:

                    • Hulls of ships, barges, boats, and tugs
                    • Ballast tanks of tankers, ore carriers and freighters

                    • Bulkheads

                    • Piers and Pilings
                    • Pipelines

                    • Heat Exchangers

                    • AC mitigation

                    • Grounding Cells

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