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What is a sacrificial anode?

Sacrificial Anode

Sacrificial Anode according to www.corrosionpedia.com are materials that are deliberately installed in a pipe or tank to be sacrificed to corrosion, leaving the rest of the system relatively corrosion free. A Sacrificial Anode is also known as a Galvanic Anode.

Galvanic Anode is describe in Wikipedia as the main component of a galvanic Cathodic Protection (CP) system used to protect metal structures from Corrosion

The main types of Sacrificial Anodes used for Cathodic Protection are:

Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes are typically used in salt water applications. They have a higher capacity than zinc anodes. And are typically used for offshore platforms, subsea applications such as pipelines, and for protection of ship hulls and storage tanks.

Zinc Anodes are typically used to protect ship hulls and propellers, internals of storage tanks, and also for some soil applications for underground storage tanks and structures. Zinc anodes are not used for high temperature applications.

Magnesium Anodes are used in conditions where the electrolyte (soil or water) resistivity is higher. Typical use would be for pipelines and structure buried in soil, boat hulls and structures in fresh water, and also in residential and commercial water heaters.

Advantages for the use of Sacrificial (Galvanic) Anode Systems for Cathodic Protection

  • no external power is required
  • lower initial cost
  • simplicity of installation
  • lower operating voltages and currents
  • less monitoring required than impressed current systems
  • low risk of overprotection
  • installed system components are simple to test

Galvotec has been manufacturing premium Sacrifical Anodes since 1984 and is recognized worldwide for Quality.

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